Maryland Business Leadership PAC

The Maryland Pro-Business Political Action Committee

  • Only PAC for pro-business legislators in Maryland
  • Supports only pro-business candidates on both sides of the aisle who survive our rigorous analysis of their voting records
  • Success rate of 86% for the 2014 Gubernatorial Election
  • Had a miniscule $35,000 available in 2014 that yielded tremendous results – imagine what we will do with $500,000!

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Why is it important to be pro-business?

Because a pro-business political environment leads to a stronger economy, creates more jobs, and ultimately results in larger paychecks.

For 30 years, the Maryland Business Leadership Political Action Committee (MBL PAC) has carried the torch as the only Maryland pro-business political action committee. We’ve weathered some tough economic storms over the decades, but current political trends are casting an unprecedented amount of doubt over the financial future of our state.

Don’t let Maryland business go south!

In recent decades, Maryland’s economy has both figuratively and literally gone south with major employers packing up and moving to Virginia, Florida, and the Carolinas, among other pro-business states.

Why? Because we’re simply not competitive on taxes and regulations:

Maryland business climate

As of August 2015, Maryland’s unemployment rate placed 24th on the national list, more than two percentage points behind the highest-ranked states. Business Insider ranked Maryland’s economy 27th overall on their 2015 list, based on statistics such as household GDP, unemployment rate, housing prices, and more.

But there is hope.

The Maryland pro-business political action committee, MBL PAC, advocates for political candidates who are pro-business, regardless of their party affiliation.

In the 2014 general election, 86% of the candidates endorsed by MBL PAC were victorious.

We were able to achieve this feat due to the generous contributions of local business leaders who recognize that voter involvement is the only way to boost Maryland’s faltering economy.

A contribution of just $125 a month to MBL PAC, the only Maryland pro-business political action committee, will help strengthen our state’s economy.

But your role doesn’t have to end there. We need more Maryland business leaders to join MBRG and help educate the electorate and provide assistance to political candidates who are committed to investing in a brighter financial future for our state.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Your business may contribute $6,000 to MBL PAC in a four-year gubernatorial cycle
  • Your contribution to MBL PAC does not preclude you from supporting individual candidates or donating to other PACs
  • Any individual or business interested in improving Maryland’s business climate may contribute to MBL PAC
  • MBRG membership is not a requirement for PAC contributions, although it is encouraged to maximize your business’ impact on our state’s economy

Creating a more positive economic environment for our state is simple: donate to MBL PAC, join MBRG, and help us build a better Maryland!


By Authority of Maryland Business Leadership Political Action Committee, Mark Cissell, Treasurer.