MBRG Affiliated Organizations

MBRG Maryland Job Growth PAC

MBRG Maryland Job Growth PAC (MBRG PAC) has supported scores of pro-business incumbents and challengers of both parties since 1985. Using state-of-the-art analysis of Maryland’s legislative districts, MBRG Maryland Job Growth PAC makes highly informed decisions for the support of candidates, and provides that information to business, trade, and professional associations.

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Your statewide pro-business political action committee was very successful during the general elections in November 2014!


Maryland Foundation for Research and Economic Education (MD FREE)

MD FREE is the research arm of MBRG. It serves as a vehicle to conduct studies and research to inform and educate the legislature, businesses, and the citizenry on economic matters to improve Maryland’s business and economic development climate.

Recent publications include studies examining the ramifications of raising Maryland’s minimum wage, costs of project labor agreements, and government-run health care.

Over the years, MD FREE has worked with policymakers to address a multitude of diverse economic issues. Here are three examples:

  • The effect of project labor agreements on Maryland’s construction industry. For example, a study referenced by the Bush Administration in deciding to issue an executive order to curtail PLAs relative to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge construction.
  • The impact a litigious environment has on Maryland’s business climate and reputation.
  • Multiple studies on the impact universal healthcare would have on providing quality healthcare services in Maryland. These health care studies were conducted in concert with the Beacon Hill institute and presented by MD FREE, the Democratic Leadership Council, and the Heritage Foundation.
  • And most recently, funded a study on the consequences of minimum wage increases in Maryland. This study was the only empirical investigation used in the debate on minimum wage and was the definitive resource for discussions.  The three moderating amendments considered in the final bill were a direct result of this study.

Study report: The Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage on the Maryland Economy