Are your legislators pro-business?  How can you be sure?

With very few exceptions, every politician claims to be pro-business, but the proof is in the votes. That’s where MBRG comes in.

We pore through every bill and amendment every year in the Maryland legislature to objectively determine which ones create a stronger, healthier business climate that promotes a thriving economy. We also determine which ones don’t.

Then we tally the votes of all 188 legislators – Delegates and Senators – to quantify who voted for the good bills and who voted for the bad. Collectively, those votes tell a detailed story about each legislator’s actual positions on the issues, and we publish those votes in Roll Call to objectively quantify the pro- and anti-business stance of each politician.

Help us continue to keep tabs on your elected officials!


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Do you want to change Maryland?

Fact:      Deserved or not, Maryland has a nationwide reputation as being unfriendly to business, and dozens of empirical rankings support it.

Fact:      That bad reputation is bad for our economy.

Help us change that reputation!


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Do you want to be among Maryland’s foremost business leaders?

We’re not a networking group. But as we work to improve Maryland, there are dozens of opportunities per year to work side-by-side with our state’s top business leaders who are driving policy and working to expand our economy.

Volunteer opportunities abound, including ongoing committee participation, as well as short-lived advisory assignments.

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