Roll Call

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Roll Call is Maryland’s only non-partisan report card on how Maryland’s General Assembly voted on issues important to creating jobs in Maryland. Holding elected officials accountable for Maryland’s economic development climate, MBRG has been publishing Roll Call for over a quarter of a century. Votes included in Roll Call are selected by a non-partisan State Advisory Council, representing a broad spectrum of industries essential to a robust economy. The issues selected to be included are those that are fundamental to job creation and promoting a healthy business climate in Maryland.

Throughout the year, MBRG’s State Advisory Council selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that have practical or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.

Below is a geographic mapping of the 2017 results. Although this map does not include the 2018 results, it is a good representation of the districts that have been voting for policies that promote job creation (green) and those that have not (red). These attitudes tend to recur each legislative session in Annapolis. Zoom into a district and click on the label to see voting details.

John Shaw Award

Every four years, we applaud those with an exemplary track record by distributing the prestigious John Shaw Award. The award is named for John Shaw, an exemplary citizen and legislator who served his country more than 200 years ago when Annapolis was the nation’s capital. He is best known for creating a distinctive American flag with an eight-pointed star, which is the inspiration for the lapel pins awarded to the honorees.


Roll Call Issues